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Heroic Movie Scene from Shenandoah

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This is a scene I watched just a few minutes ago from Shenandoah with Jimmy Stewart:

Stewart plays Anderson, a Virginian farmer with six sons, whose land is surrounded on all sides by Union armies. He refuses to participate in the war, at least at he beginning of the movie. Johnson, a Confederate soldier comes to him to recruit Anderson’s sons.

Johnson: There’s a Yankee army breathing down your neck, Mr. Anderson. I don’t think you realize —
Anderson: You’re town-bred aren’t you?
Johnson: I don’t see what that has to do with —
Anderson: I’ve got five hundred acres of good, rich dirt here. As long as the rains come and the sun shines it’ll grow anything I have a mind to plant. And we pulled every stump. We’ve cleared every field. We’ve done it ourselves without the sweat of one slave.
Johnson: So?
Anderson: So?! So, can you give me one good reason why I should send my family that took me a lifetime to raise down that road like a bunch of damn fools to do somebody else’s fighting?
Johnson: Virginia needs all of her sons, Mr. Anderson.
Anderson: That might be so, Johnson, but these are my sons! They don’t belong to the state. When they were babies I never saw the state coming around with a spare tit. We never asked anything of the state and never expected anything. We do our own living — and thanks to no man for the right.

Disclosure: A friend of mine forwarded this to Stephan Kinsella, a libertarian lawyer in Houston, who also posted it on his blog, which I’m happy for, because his readership is much larger.

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  1. Chevas says:

    And now we are forced to buy health insurance after this recent bill?! We are pathetic.

  2. ellen says:


    And we are (were) in Denver. It’s from December… my photos are majorly backlogged. Nice to hear from you…


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