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Starting Law School Right

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The new academic year is approaching, and this will be my third year in law school. As I was doing my annual reorganization of my academic bookshelf, I came across a book, Starting Off Right in Law School by Carolyn J. Nygren. If I could recommend only one book for first-year law students, it would be this one.

At 117 pages, it is short and pithy, and it contains everything a new law student needs to know about succeeding in law school. Nygren’s method of case reading, note taking, outlining and examination technique has constituted the core of my study practices over the last two years. It is a substantial reason for my success (I am currently second in my class), and has doubtless saved me countless hours that I could have spent over-studying the wrong types of material.

If you are entering law school, buy it and read it.

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