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Fox News Cancels Judge Napolitano’s Freedom Watch

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Fox News just announced a new lineup that does not include the eminently popular Freedom Watch hosted by the liberty-loving Andrew Napolitano (former judge of the New Jersey Superior Court).

If I were as ideologically motivated as Fox News is, I would have canceled Judge Napolitano too. It was always far more likely that his clear explanations of what it really means to live free would draw “traditional” Fox News viewers to the cause of liberty than it was likely the rest of Fox News would induce liberty-minded people to become neoconservatives (read: national socialists). Thus, keeping him around was tantamount to losing the ideological war with your own base. Also, I bet Rupert Murdoch doesn’t like the fact that one of his most popular hosts fundamentally disagreed with him on a number of things, including, namely, that the internet should be free from intrusive government control, where government acts as a puppet for the sake of large business concerns.

Anyway, I always wondered how long Judge Napolitano would last on Fox News given that he actually believes in real freedom, no war, low/no taxes and a desire to restore true narrow limits on government. His ratings are high, so the cancellation must be for some other reason, and I strongly venture they are ideological.

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