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Dear Senator Enzi,

I am a law student here in Laramie and I am writing to ask you to vote “no” on the confirmation of Eric Holder for Attorney General. Pardon me if your position is the same as Senator Barrasso’s, in which case this email is moot.

Eric Holder’s reputation as a categorical enemy of the Second Amendment indicates that he is morally disqualified to be the Attorney General of the United States. He has attempted, serving as a public official, to attenuate and create obstacles to the American’s right to own firearms, which is representative of the right to defend oneself and one’s family and is the continuing bulwark of our liberty against the elements of tyranny.

His views on firearms and the possession of them do not comport with those of our society, and certainly do not comport with the views of the average Wyomingite. Meanwhile, many [of] his actions as Deputy Attorney General were ethically dubious; the United States needs an Attorney General above ethical reproach.

Please vote “No” on Holder’s confirmation.

O.Shane Balloun