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Several nights ago, I dreamed the Wyoming Law Review office was in the Googleplex. Since Google loves to constantly relocate various departments, the law review office had been moved while I was on vacation.

I needed to get into the office, because I was giving a presentation about law review on a flash drive to people who already knew what I was going to present, but I couldn’t find the office. I was very concerned about not having the presentation in hand while already being late to the meeting. Meanwhile, my audience included very stuffy old-world businesspeople in suits who were, despite the fact the meeting was pointless for them, very frustrated I wasn’t there yet.

Meanwhile, the office had been moved to a grandiose 5-story vaulted building with glass skylights and glass walls and a magnificent glass catwalk hanging above an indescribably cavernous subterranean groundwater aquifer. The aquifer was so large that the tallest skyscrapers from the New York skyline were half submerged in the virtual ocean of water. A large ape was hanging on one of the skyscrapers.

Not only was I late to the presentation, I had to walk along the glass catwalk while listening to the ape, which was disconcerting.

Several things strike me about this dream:

  • It is completely realistic that any office I had at Google would have been moved while I was out of office. This happened to me several times.
  • Why was I using a flash drive to store a presentation at Google? Part of me thinks it’s because a flash drive is the most state-of-the-art storage technology Wyoming has. =/
  • Why was I dreaming about a meeting that was a complete waste of time for everyone involved?
  • I’m also amused that there were people in suits getting huffy at Google. Completely unrealistic. Not the huffy part. The suits part.
  • I have no idea why King Kong anonymously shows up in my dream.
  • Underground aquifers must relate to the recent lectures we’ve had in Water Law about groundwater.
  • Lucas and Michele just visited New York City.
  • I want this glass building.
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