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About O.Shane Balloun

I practice law at my firm, Balloun Law Professional Corporation, in Bellingham, Washington. Some of my areas of practice are admiralty and maritime law, high tech law, property law, and litigation. I hold an LL.M. (Master of Laws) in Admiralty from Tulane University Law School, having graduated with distinction. I am licensed to practice law in California and Washington. I hold a Juris Doctor with honor from University of Wyoming College of Law, having also been admitted to the Order of the Coif. Previously I worked for Google in Online Sales and Operations as a problem solver. Before that I worked in the hard disk drive industry. I hold an undergraduate degree from Cornell University in Mathematics.

Over time I become more libertarian, not because I am indiscriminate with respect to the morality or utility of a particular choice, but because I think it is a greater evil for the government to take your choices away in attempting to prevent you from being foolish or reckless. The State continues to be the worst allocator of economic resources and any argument that government truly preserves the morality of its subjects by law and regulations is indefensible.

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