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Biggest Hole in Open Source UI

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The open source community needs to develop a workable GUI for openvpn. Yes, most of the community is largely smart enough to set up openvpn (peer to peer virtual private networking) without a graphical user interface. But one problem with open source is that the ones who advocate it largely are skilled coders or are at least familiar with linux installations. They tend to build cool things without a mind for less-capable but likely willing users of the cool things.

For better adoption of open source, coders need to work on better GUIs generally so a larger number of people can and become willing to use open source solutions.

To that end, someone needs to build a workable, intuitive, robust UI for open vpn.

HT: Isaac Balloun

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  1. I’ve hit this wall 100 times, cajoling coders to make their software user-friendly, but I’m often met with the over generalized substance-lacking “but it’s better this way”. No. It’s not better. It’s worse.

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