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Graduation again

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This Saturday, I graduate with an LL.M. (Master of Laws) in Admiralty from Tulane University Law School. I have spent a year focusing on maritime commerce and admiralty law and I have a much more acute sense about how to represent seafaring clients and proctor their claims.

I plan to take on maritime clientele as a substantial part of my practice. That said, even if I were never to practice in admiralty, it would have been worthwhile. I agree with the following passage:

No other course in law school implicates so many substantive areas of the law: contracts, torts, civil procedure, criminal law, legal history, commercial law, environmental law, both public and private international law, administrative law and constitutional law. Even if a student never sees a maritime case after graduation, the course on Admiralty Law will provide a capstone to her legal education, demonstrating how the various pieces of the law fit together as a harmonious whole. No other course in the law school curriculum is [sic] casts so broad a net and is capable of providing a picture of the richness of the law as it is confronted by lawyers and judges in the front lines of practice.

Thomas J. Schoenbaum, 1 Admiralty and Maritime Law: Practitioner Treatise Series iv (5th ed. 2011) (emphasis added).

It was a rich and interesting year at Tulane Law.

Here is my graduation announcement.

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